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Vol. 11 # 7 December 2019






Vol.11, NO. 7 December 2019

Editor: Carl Pischke

 President Message:  By Linda Towson.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for you, our Roadrunner Club members! You have become friends, rally adventure compatriots, and rig helpmates. It is wonderful to be part of this long-standing Rossmoor Club. A big thank you to the 2019 Board for their dependable and excellent help. It is a privilege working with each of you. Especially thankful for other folks who step up and help make this Club fun and successful. Hail to our emeritus members. We love that you are still part of this Club. Special thanks to Dolores Cleary, Jack Melvin, and Tony Rorie for being Co-Wagon Masters at the Pismo Sands Rally. Fun Time and Great Food. 

Now that we are all back into RV parking, here is something we can do: let our rig neighbors know about the Club. New flyers and hopefully small cards will be made to put on rigs in the parking lots. 

Ralph Dennis has your storage boxes. Please check with him about picking up your belongings. Ralph was able to place rigs for all those on the waiting list.

 At the last Club Meeting, the Roadrunner Board for 2020 was elected. They are as follows: Co-Presidents Stefford Veltema and Stan Scott. Co-vice Presidents Earl Ansley and Lynda Phelps (due to a medical necessity, Lynda will wait to serve. Jack Melvin will take her place.) Treasurer Frank Colligan, Secretary Carol Scott, One Year Trustees Joni and Jim Bombardier, Two Year Trustees Linda Wayne Towson. The 2020 Standing Committees are as follows: Event Coordinator Joni Bombardier, Ladies’ Luncheons Joan Frasco, Membership Carol Colligan, Newsletter Position not filled (Carl Pischke will help). Publicity Mike Casey, Sunshine Nancy Ferrara. See you at the Holiday Party on December 10. Cheers Linda. 

Next News Letter will be February 2020. 

New Roadrunner Web Site. By Stan Scott

At the last board meeting, the board asked Frank, Steff, and I to research and set up a web account and to link it to the Rossmoor web page. 

We have secured a domain name <> and unless we have objections brought to our attention, plan to link with the Rossmoor website. The website has been designed for computer, tablet and smart phone.

The website is still in its’ beginning and will be develop and refined over the next few months, as more of you become involved.  

We believe there is enough here to give you a great picture of what is possible.  

All of the internal links are active, and private information is secured behind password protected pages.

Sunshine News: By Nancy Ferrara. 


Good news about Ed Phelps, had bypass heart surgery a week + ago. He is home from the hospital and is in recovery. He is a private person so I will share this with you, but will not make an announcement at the meeting tonight. 



New Members: By Carol Colligan / Linda T.


Potential New Member: 


Adele Abarintos and her husband are looking for a 25 to 30-foot Forester / Winnebago to buy. They visited us at the Gateway RV show. The Abarintos cell number is 925-759-6058




Meet our new members, Joyce and Brent Atkins. Lucky folks, Brent and Joyce recently bought their first rig from the Bombardiers. The Atkins enjoy learning to use and care for their RV. What interesting lives they’ve had! Joyce grew up in Arab, Alabama, a small, rural town located near Huntsville. She started her work career processing State grant requests for county infrastructure projects. In 1990 she transitioned to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Al. where she worked as a Senior Analyst in support of Program Management for Spacelab Payload Operations. Afterwards, she supported Space Station resources scheduling for the Control Center. Joyce retired in 2008. Brent was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and spent his youth moving from Navy base to Navy base as his dad was reassigned during thirty years in the Navy. Brent joined the Air Force and worked in DoD satellites and advanced airborne weaponry. After his enlistment was up, these experiences allowed him to land a job in 1981 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. He worked in the Space Shuttle program as a Flight Controller. After transferring to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Al., in 1991, he worked mostly as a Space Station Flight Controller until his retirement in 2013. The Atkins story continues: Working at the same Control Center location eventually led to their 2001 wedding at the base of the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. Their exposure to Rossmoor began when Brent’s parents moved here. They really got to know Rossmoor when Joyce became caregiver for Brent’s mom. They decided to move here in 2014 to be closer to Brent’s family and for Joyce to experience living outside of Alabama. California is a VERY different place. Sometimes they wonder, “What were we thinking!” Luckily, Rossmoor is wonderful. Brent enjoys golf. Joyce enjoys arts and crafts. They both enjoy exploring new places. They recently went on their first outing with the Roadrunners, the Pismo Sands Rally. They look forward to more trips in the future. A big Roadrunner welcome to the Atkins!




  Brent & Joyce


Ladies Lunch: By Joan Frasco:


The next ladies’ luncheon will be held on Thursday, December 5th at Mr. Luckys in Pleasant Hill.  This is a favorite restaurant because of the good food and beautiful seasonal decorations.  We will meet at Gateway parking lot and car pools will leave promptly at 11:30 a.m.  Please call Joan at 378-7011 to ensure your reservation.  It really helps if you can call in advance so we can have an accurate count for the table set up.  Also specify if you plan to drive directly to the restaurant or meet to car pool.  Newcomers are especially welcome to come and get acquainted.  See you in December.




Calendar of Events for 2019

December 10. Holiday Party in the Fireside Room at Gateway. If you are not signed up can Joni today. Earl Ansley and Larry Larson Coordinators. 


Calendar of Events for 2020



February 3. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


March 2. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


April 6. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


May 4. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


June 5: Friday. Roadrunner Membership Patio Party, Dollar Club House, 5 to 10 PM. Coordinators:


September 7. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


September 14. Monday.  Roadrunner RV Club Bocce and Picnic at Hillside Sportsman Park 2 PM.


October 8: Thursday. Roadrunner Membership Pot Luck dinner, Diablo Room, Hillside Club House, 5 to 10 PM. Coordinators: 


November 2. Monday.  Roadrunner Membership meeting, Club Room, Creekside Club House. 6:30 to 9:30 PM.


December 8: Tuesday. Roadrunner Membership Holiday Party in the Fireside Room at Gateway, 5:00 – 10:00 P.M. Coordinators:


Coordinators / Wagon-masters are listed

where someone has volunteered. If there is

no name listed for an event call Joni Bombardier

or Linda Towson and volunteer.  Where there is 

a name, call that person and ask what you can

do to help.

Rallies for 2020


First Rally: Sunday, Mar 22 to 29.   Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, CA. This is a highly rated, gated RV park located along the Sacramento River, near Lassen Nat'l Park, Shasta Nat'l Forest, wineries, casino, golf course, and shopping.

This is the park that we had arranged to visit for the Fall 2018 rally but fire and smoke canceled the rally.  It is located approximately 170 miles from Walnut Creek.


Second Rally: Sunday, May 17 to 24.  Casa De Fruta Orchard Resort, Hollister, CA. This is a large, historic RV park that our club has not visited in at last 10 years.   On-site attractions include a fruit stand, restaurant, inn, and displays of old agricultural equipment.  This complex originally began as a cherry orchard approximately 80 years ago.

Local attractions include wineries, garlic-related stores in nearby Gilroy, and Pinnacles Nat'l Park.

This RV park is located approximately 90 miles from Walnut Creek.


Third Rally. September or early October time frame. The exact date and location are still being finalized, but the plan is to be in the Sparks - Reno - Virginia City, Nevada area.

Local attractions for this area include historical exhibits, museums, narrow-gauge railroad, casinos, and lovely scenery. This area is approximately 200 miles from Walnut Creek. 

 More information will follow shortly, in the "members" section of the new club website,


You can help: 

Coordinators / Wagon-masters are listed where someone has volunteered. If there is no name listed for an event call Joni Bombardier and volunteer.  Where there is a name, call that person and ask how you can help.


RV Club Member’s Travel.


Mike & Diane Casey took the long route to the Pismo rally.  Attached pictures are from scenic route 50 across Nevada. We then visited National Parks in Colorado (Mesa Verde), Utah (Arches, Bryce & Zion), and Arizona (Monument Valley.  Some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.  The trip totaled 2,241 miles and we highly recommend it to all for the unique and beautiful scenery which varies at each park.

QUESTION: How can you tell when you leave California?

Answer: Gasoline cost drops and road conditions improve.



                                                   Arches NP                                                                                                                   Masa Verde NP


                                        Monument Valley NP                                                                                                               On the road


If you travel with your rig and would like to tell the members about the parks you stayed at, Send Carl an email. Pictures are welcome. 


Listing of Club Leaders for 2019 with contact information.


Co-Presidents: Stefford Veltema and Stan Scott.


Co Vice-President: Earl Ansley and Lynda Phelps (due to a medical necessity, Lynda will wait to serve.


Secretary: Carol Scott.


Treasurer: Frank A. Colligan.


Sunshine: Nancy Ferrara.


Membership: Carol Colligan, 


Ladies Lunch: Joan Frasco.


Event Coordinator: Joni Bombardier.


Newsletter editor: Carl Pischke. 


Publicity: Mike Casey, 


1 Year trustees: Joni and Jim Bombardier. 


2 Year Trustees: Linda Wayne Towson.


Club members birthday’s and Anniversary’s. 


For December: 


Happy Birthday: Sigrid Beach, Judi Southcott, Linda Towson, Dolores Cleary, Bruce Shaw, Joan Frasco, and Muffie Clark. 


Happy Anniversary: Carl & Lee Pischke and Ed & Lynda Phelps.


For January:


Happy Birthday: India Cox.


Happy Anniversary: None. 




RV Cleaners 

Coach Cleaning: Works out of Vacaville. Don Stewart.     (707) 330-6831

Baker’s Detailing: (cleaning and tops): Corry Baker, (925) 435-4255

Mobile Detailing. 500-376-9699 


Camper repairs 

Concord Coach, RV repair shop. Concord Coach is now owned by Cuzins and is open for business.  The new contact telephone number is the same as for Cuzins.  (925) 687-8054

Randy’s Mobile Mechanical Services: (Reviews on Randy’s are great but Randy’s is expensive $$). Complete shop for auto, RV, and fleet services. It is located at 2750 Cloverdale Ave, Concord, CA. (925) 288-0766. 

Timmons Auto & Truck Repair: It is located at     2855 Contra Costa Blvd., Suite D, Pleasant Hill, (925)     938-9665.

Road Runner RV Repair: 415 Beatrice Ct. Brentwood, CA. 94513.  (925) 240-6773. Plus, the East county’s most complete parts store. 

Just Joe’s Automotive: 1130 Detroit Ave.    Concord. 94520. 925-676-6700. Joe’s performs all types of Mechanic work on RVs and other vehicles. Bob Wright and Mike Casey have both had good experiences under the new ownership. Joe’s also does alignments on RVs. 

Propane Gas Tank Fill-up.

 76 station/convenience store/car wash located at the corner of Monument Blvd and Marcia Dr. very close to Hwy 680.

When driving from Walnut Creek on Hwy 680, take the Monument Blvd exit and turn right onto Monument Blvd, and the 76 station is located on the right-hand side, in 100 yards or less.


Suburban Propane. 1765 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord. 686-58-11.  Open M – F, 7am to 4 pm. Closed from 12 to 1 PM for lunch. 



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