As mentioned at the recent Pot Luck many RV parks have changed their policy and procedures regarding RV club group reservations.

The Bodega Bay rally in August is the first one that requires immediate action even though it is several months away.  Please play close attention to the following information and call me if you have any questions.  It’s important.


BODEGA BAY RV PARK RALLY   Arrive Mon. Aug. 7th,  depart Fri. Aug. 11th


We have 10 sites reserved.  Procedures follow:


  1. I need to provide the park with a complete list of attendees by Dec. 1st

Call me (925-210-1273) if you plan to attend so I can complete the list on time.

  1. Once the park has the list, they will set up a file for each guest.

  2. The park will let me know once they have their files set up.

  3. Once the files are set up I will let the persons on the list know.  

The park will then require a one night deposit, within 60 days.

To do this each guest will call the park and individually put a one night deposit on their credit card (I believe this will be $83.22).

  1. The fees for the remaining nights will be paid to the park on arrival.



Cancellations up to 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival will have a full refund LESS a $10 fee.

Cancellations less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival will be retained.


Simple right???  Actually, this will make the wagonmasters job much easier and the Club won’t have to make a large deposit.  Although the first night deposit is early I think the system should work well once we get use to it.  At least one other park appears to be using this same system.

Their cancellation policy is also fair.


PLEASE call me with any questions, and TO RESERVE A SITE.  We only have 10 and it will be very hard to get any more.