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May 24, 2021General Meeting

First in person Roadrunner meeting Since Pandemic


Steff called the Roadrunner general meeting to order at 7:P.M. 16 people were in attendance. 

Jean Veltema read the secretary minutes from the December 28 meeting prepared by Carol Scott. They were approved as read. 

Treasurer reports that there is a balance of $4296.73. 

New members were welcomed. They included Chris Givens, Diane Loeb, and Chuck Landsbaum.  Seldon Parmelee who has been with us since 2020 was also welcomed. 

Earl Ainsley reported on possible rally or weekend sites.

  1. Angel’s Camp

  2. Riverpoint RV Marina (near Stockton)

  3. Oregon, Gold Beach: Kimball’s RV Resort: has a clubhouse

  4. Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Festival 

Upcoming Events:

  1. Durango near Red Bluff: 14 Rigs are going

  2. August 16 Sportsman Park Picnic

  3. River Rock in Fortuna: August 23-27

  4. Felton: September 21-25 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respctfully submitted by Jean Veltema, acting secretary.

Members in attendance: 

Seldon Parmelee,  Charles Landsbaum,  Dolores Cleary,  Wayne & Linda Towsen,  Jean & Steff Veltema,  Mike Casey,  Earl Ansley, Judy Nixon,  Bob & Roseann Wright, and Carol & Stan Scott.  Guests: Chris Givens & Diane Loeb.

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