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Dear Roadrunners,

Our Annual Meeting will be held Monday, December 28 at 7:00 p.m., via ZOOM.


The Zoom invitation hotlink is

The meeting ID# is 416 508 6268

The meeting password is ZyziN2


We will be holding the meeting as usual, conducting club business and electing club officers for 2021.  As per Stan Scott's recent email, the current club officers are willing to serve in their present offices during 2021.


Please review Stan's email for the proper procedure to use for any further nominations for 2021 club officers, and email any such nominations to me, at prior to December 27.


We have a 40 minute time limit imposed by ZOOM, so we will need to  keep things moving, so that any remaining time at the end of the 

meeting can be used for socializing.


Some general guidelines for holding an efficient ZOOM meeting include:

- Remaining muted most of the time, by clicking the "mute" icon at the lower left corner of your screen.  This will prevent confusing "cross-talk" or noises from disrupting the meeting.

- If you wish to speak, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.  After being recognized, "unmute" yourself and speak.


I look forward to seeing you all at this meeting!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather...

Steff Veltema

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