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We need a club historian to discover and record some of our history while it may still be available. We still have a few members with us who have memories of the club beginnings or knew some of the original club members. I just received from Bob Cluff, a handbook for wagon masters from 1986 when rallies were a month long. It is very interesting to see how much our club has morphed in thirty five years. Some of the names in the handbook may be the parents of some current members. Carol and I have been here about 15 years. I realize many of our friends are no longer here. There stories about the horses and the stables and barn that used to be up near the RV lots were very interesting, but I can only remember bits and pieces of them; so they are lost. It would be a shame to lose any more of our club history.

I will copy and archive this handbook into this section of the website, but I need some others to interview and gather this history that is still with us. I remember several members saying they were interested in preserving our history, but I can't remember who you were, so I will have to rely on you to step forward if you think this is a valuable endeavor. Journalistic talent isn't really needed, only, a little desire. Stan


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