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Reminder to all: Why we still travel in a Recreational Vehicle!
A letter from Jim & Joni Bombardier

Hi all,

This is the 24th and we just arrived in Tennessee.  Our daughter’s in front of us with a Penske truck pulling her car on a trailer and we are following her.  It’s been an event full time.  Mostly because we have three adults and one 12-year-old and four cats!  The first night we stayed in Barstow and the cats kept us awake the entire night!  The second night with the cats was much better.  We had many interruptions happen.  The first Night we stayed in a hotel called the Quality Hotel and they forgot the word quality and what it meant!  It was the worst room we have ever seen we had cockroaches and  in the closet there was a syringe with the needle in it.  Much much fun!  Next, The roads in Arizona and New Mexico are horrible, this was I 40 east.  It was one pothole after another.  Again we got the same Quality Inn because we couldn’t find anything else and we needed something that was pet friendly.  This one was one step up from the first one.  When Jim and I got to the hotel we noticed Jeanie our daughter wasn't there.  We had been following her, however, we had lost her truck, and we couldn’t see it.  We went in and registered and while we were registering she called and she said I’m lost for some reason she passed up the Quality Inn.  I don’t know why.  The lady behind the desk said oh I know where she is when she told us all she could see was a big statue of a bulldog.  She said I’m scared.  The neighborhood looks sketchy and there’s a great big bulldog on a statue right in front of me and I’m at a dead end street.  Remember she’s driving a truck pulling a trailer which her car is on and it is about 40 feet long for both.  She’s never backed up one of these or even driven one of these.  And of course Jim has a lot of experience with trucks.

The lady behind the desk told us how to get there; so we went there and she was in a bit of a pickle.

Jim backed it out around the corner and down the street into another street and turn it around so it was going in the right direction.  Then we continued to our hotel.  So that was a fun time!  The third night guess where we stayed for the night!?  Now we’re in New Mexico.  We are caring for one of their cats behind the passenger seat in our truck.  This is a very active cat!   All of a sudden  I find the cat is crawling over my shoulder!  And I said oh &#%!.  The worst thing that can happen when that happens is for the cat to get under the accelerator.  We had that happen once with one of our cats when we were driving a U-Haul.  So we pulled over and figured it out and of course Jeanie stopped and helped us.  New Mexico is so windy we could barely keep the truck on the road!  We stopped at a truckstop to get some food.  Jim and I opened our doors at the same time and it totally took away all my masks  that were on the door pockets and my daughter started chasing them it was pretty funny she only got two of them but they were dirty she said do you want these??  Next day we went to Arkansas and the rain was the craziest rain I’ve ever seen, it never stopped and it was ferocious!  Jim was having a hard time seeing the lane lines.  Our daughter decided she wanted to go to Walmart and get a couple things before we went to the hotel.  By the way we did get a different hotel reservation that night we were looking forward to something besides Quality!   So we went to Walmart but it was way out of our way.  She didn’t think it would be that far out of our way.  The rain was so bad it didn’t do any good even cover yourself up it was just crazy besides the rain it was very windy.  When we went back to our cars we wondered where in the heck our hotel was.  After calling the hotel we found out we were way way way off.  So we had again go to a Quality hotel.  Because it was closer.  So we were in our Quality Hotel again and the rest of the night was reasonable.  Last night for the hotel again with the Quality hotel that day went pretty good.  Until we noticed our toilet was stopped up.  The guy that does all the work around there was not there so they handed us a plunger and for half an hour Jim was plunging!  Actually he said it was more like 45 minutes,  finally he got it OK and that was the only thing we had to deal with that day that was quite a treat!   We are in Tennessee heading towards Franklin Tennessee where we will stay for a couple of weeks until Jeanie’s  house is ready.  We hope all of you are having a good time hope to see you someday again. Right now we’re really missing our RV, if we had that we would’ve have so much quality!


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