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RRR Club Members,


Two years ago, I believe it was December 30th, I started an experiment called Zoomtails.

We meet over the internet on ZOOM at 4PM each Wednesday for Drinks (tea, wine, etc.) and socializing.

It may have served its purpose and gracefully died.


After a mostly positive response from many of our members, we are continuing to offer this ZOOM meeting place.  The link shown below in red is live 24/7/365 for any two or more of our RRR members who want to get together for committee work or any other legal purpose. It is for the exclusive use of our club members and/or club business, especially, when in person meetings are not convenient or allowed.  The only regularly scheduled meeting time is every Wednesday at 4:00pm. You are free to click on the red link at this time to join in with whoever is is also on. There is no leader or agenda. Occasionally an email will be sent out to all when there is a specific topic of interest to all. Again you are able to use this on line meeting place when ever you want to initiate  your meeting, but you must let the members you would like to chat with know. Otherwise, you will be on alone.


Only regularly scheduled meeting: Every Wednesday from 4PM to 5PM (no host)

To start or join a Zoom Meeting click on this link.


If you have questions, contact Stan Scott

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