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general meeting 6/28

Greetings, fellow Roadrunners!


Mea Culpa!!!


I’m very sorry for the late notice….. but we will be having one of our general monthly meetings next  Monday, June 28 at the Fairway Room (Creekside) at 7 p.m. 


I think that I was so blown away by our Red Bluff Rally and subsequent N. Cal. travels that Jean and I enjoyed,   that the “moved up” date for our “first Monday of the month” , (due to the 4th of July holiday) General Meeting escaped me….


The complete General Meeting schedule for 2021 will be posted on the club website as soon as we have a contract confirmed with GRF for the meeting venues… this was requested over a month ago, so it should be happening soon. Hopefully, you saw the date on the website calendar and will be ale to join with us.


There are no restrictions for this meeting, except that anyone who is not fully vaccinated should wear a face mask.


Steff Veltema

Roadrunner Gen. Meeting Agenda  

    Monday, June 28, 2021 @ Fairway Room (Creekside)  7P.M.


- Welcome and Call To Order


- Request for all members to sign the Attendance Sheet


- Website reminder (, NOT


- Recognition and Introduction of  New Members & distribution of Roadrunner name badges


- Reading of the minutes of the May 24, 2021 General Meeting 


- Treasurer’s Report 






- Brief review of  Red Bluff / Durango RV Resort rally


- Upcoming Scheduled Rallies 



  • Tentative dates for balance of 2021  (awaiting preparation of final contracts by GRF)  - All of these dates are on Monday!  They are also shown on the club website, and will be updated as required.


        General Meetings – Fairway Room, 7:00 P.M.

            June 28,   Sept. 13,   Oct 4 (or potluck in Diablo Room - Coordinator                 is needed),   and Nov 1.


        Sportsman Park Picnic – Aug 16 (if bocce courts are available), 2:00 –                 7:00P.M.  Coordinator is needed.

            If Aug 16 is not available, an alternative date will be investigated 


        Holiday Party – Fireside Room, Dec 6, 5:00 – 10:00P.M.





- Potential new rally sites and approximate dates 

Draft copy of:


 Minutes for general meeting on June 28, 2021, in the Fairway room:




The meeting was called to order about 7PM on Monday evening, June 28, 2021.  Steph thanked Earl and Lynda for a very successful rally in Red Bluff.  Lynda said a few words, recapping the events of that week and thanking everyone for making it so successful.


Mike was asked to say a few words about the upcoming rally in Felton in September.  There are currently 14 rigs signed up. There was some discussion about the things to do in that area.  Mike asked about interest in the Roaring Camp Train rides.  He will look into it  further and get more information. 


Earl is currently looking into a possible rally at Coloma in August.  He will be getting more information later in the week.  He asked for a show of hands from those who are interested.  It was pointed out that a rally then may conflict with the picnic and bocce that are scheduled for August.  However, it seems that the availability of the bocce courts is still in question.  AND, we are waiting for GRF to confirm the date we submitted for our picnic.  Mike said he would work to clarify that situation.  


Event dates that we requested from Golden Rain have not yet been confirmed by them. When GRF confirms the dates we have submitted, this will be posted to the website.  Every effort is being made to keep the website up to date.  It is the most consistent and reliable source of information.  If there are any questions regarding the website, please call Stan.


Judy Nixon volunteered to coordinate the potluck if in town. Who knows what travel will be allowed by then??!


Stan had just talked to Joanie Bombardier earlier in the day and gave a brief report on the Bombardier’s situation in Tennessee.  They will probably be there well into the fall due to Joanie’s recovery from back surgery that is scheduled for July 15.

19 Members in attendance: 

Seldon Parmelee,  Dolores Cleary,  Steff Veltema,  Mike Casey, Diane Casey,  Earl Ansley, Judy Nixon,  Bob Wright, Roseanne Wright, Carol Scott, Stan Scott, Chris Givens, Diane Loeb, Bill Leary, Carol Colligan, Frank Colligan, Nancy Ferrara, Carl Pischke, Lynda Phelps, 

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